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Whack a mole

When an ‘unresolved matter of opinion or incident ’ appears in conversation especially with family.
It sets off a whack a mole trigger in me. Does it for you too?

The whack a mole trigger surfaces from deep within us and stops us from negotiating or engaging in positive and enriching dialogue.


Before an important conversation or before you are going to spend time with people who bring on the trigger at home or work.

Work out how to change your responses to these mole triggers, they will keep disrupting your discussions.

You don’t have to use a hammer quite often a feather stick or a funny image will do.

My favourite feather stick is the one of LOVE and EMPATHY

I use said feather stick to bop the trigger by either visualizing or discussing a positive outcome where me and other party(ies)  were ideally impacted.

It changes the mood and we move off whacker moles and make ground.

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