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Before you 'Press home to unlock your lphone make a quick few seconds 'Shift' to unlock your life. The picture below is my background picture on my phone's screen. Why you might ask?? Because it helps me make a 'shift' when I am judging myself harshly for mistakes I've made or work I have not done and…(well you get the gist) Although I had the picture before because I missed my Dad and loved my look of trust and awe at the world. I now use it even more purposefully and more often . Shirzad Chamine my coach gave me a really effective visualization to do when we have judgement thoughts about ourselves. It's called Visualize the Kid. When we go to a playground and see young children, we naturally show empathy and a caring attitude to them.? It therefore follows that when you really observe our self as a child you will remember your true essence –‘ THE CHILD WHO LIVES WITHIN YOU’ (pause take a moment to let it sink.) The child within you who deserves your empathy and unconditional love.? Even more powerful than that is when I use the technique on others and see the children within them. ????‍???‍♀️ When you find the child in others your empathy for them reduces the saboteur that wishes to judge them, and you are able to be more objective and find a better resolution or at the minimum be more empathetic. So go and put your photograph on your phone and ipad screen. Make it a habit to look at it often so you too can generate your empathy and love to giant size while miniaturising your judge . #clearthinkingcoach #clearthinking #growthcoaching #shift #shiftawareness #saboteur #empathy #empathymatters #childwithin #parentsasfirstteachers #selfawarenessiskey #selflovetips #selflovejourney #judgementfreezone #selfsabotage #selfsabotaging #ownworstenemy #mindsetmatters #mindset #mindsetiseverything #shiftyourthinking

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