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When something does not work is it your failure or a gift?

When something does not work is it your failure or a gift?

“Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift and opportunity.” Shirzad Chamine.?

He’s not the first to say it because most of us if we sit down can find a gift in a situation.Hey, you might even find two or three.

For example If I hadn’t failed my Physics A Level I wouldn’t have met Mr Right and still be in a joyful relationship.

Rather than automatically dismiss something as bad think is it really bad or a gift. You don’t have to decide just be curious and in time you will now the true answer.

But be warned – whatever perspective you choose becomes your truth.

My failure to contain my restlessness towards my coaching business and book production has made me stop and concentrate on my relationships instead.

Positive Intelligence

I’ve broken the gift into three components (Positive Intelligence technique)

1) Knowledge – I am connecting my friends together and experimenting on our practices and knowledge and finding new things. My family and I are more interested in what we eat. Also found a gem of a coaching practice via one existing friendship and a new one.

2) Power – I am empowering myself by discussing it here and forcing myself to be proactive and paying attention to neglected areas of work and body and pausing. Your comments and posts have really focused me.

3) Inspiration – Being inspired by connections and relationships I’ve begun to explore things I found dull before liked LinkedIn and I am blown away. I’ve been inspired by people much younger than me. Especially in the art fields. There are intriguing directors who are both artistic and socially conscious. I’m also experimenting with Instagram and a young friend Vardan. It’s amazing to see the photography, writing, poetry and artwork of many of my friends there. Never had time to appreciate them before.

Typing what I’ feel here is reinforcing my belief that my failure – restlessness has made me concentrate on relationships.

So as the Chinese wise man once said

“Who know’s what is good or what is bad?”

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