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Angus – Managing Director

I’ve suffered from Psoriasis for over 10 years, and have tried over the years to tackle it with different creams and ointments. Experts say it’s caused by an issue with the body’s autoimmune system, but there’s no cure. That’s not great to hear as a sufferer, but in my usual dogged way, I’ve tried different diets over the years, giving up various foods along the way, but the Psoriasis would always return.

Within 4 weeks of completing the programme I decided to have yet another go at it. However, this time I decided to go for what I believed to be the real root cause. I didn’t suffer from Psoriasis when I was 12, so I decided to revert to my dietary habits then (but not including chocolate and chewing gum!!). A part of this diet is a 12 hour daily fast, which I’ve fooled myself into thinking wasn’t important. So, taking the Positive Intelligence approach, I tackled this in a life changing way, using the techniques I’d learnt on the programme to stay grounded and stay on-track. As I write this, it’s only been 10 days since I reverted to my 12 year old dietary habits, but my Psoriasis has virtually disappeared.

This is an incredible thing and an amazing feeling, I can’t really describe how great I feel about it. Not only that but during the 10 days I lost 3kg, and at 71kg I didn’t consider myself overweight.

Why do I think that Amy coaching the Positive Intelligence programme helped me tackle my Psoriasis? Well, it gave me the insight to consider the real root cause, it gave me the tools to take action and it gave me the confidence to push through to get a result.