Clear Thinking Coach A Life Without Limitation

Chris Jones

Amy is an engaging, vivacious person who has a positive impact upon all with whom she interacts.

She is an inspirational character who, through her optimistic nature, is able to find solutions to issues which, initially, appear to be clouded with difficulties. Through a sensitive but quite direct approach she also helps others, particularly on an individual basis, to resolve such problems.

Amy is an excellent companion, being quick witted, inquisitive, intelligent and amusing.

Having personally experienced a life coaching session with Amy my memories of this are, firstly, that I should request a follow up. Her ability to help me to relax, focus on and deal with topics and related difficulties and obstructions provided me with motivation and a desire to act on the outcomes of our meeting. Amy encouraged me to avoid making excuses for not really trying to achieve goals. Her impact on my self- esteem and state of mind was substantial – which is why I feel the need for a refresher!

Her optimism is certainly infectious. Through this, and a determined and persuasive approach, she has helped friends and colleagues to overcome self- doubt and achieve success.