Clear Thinking Coach A Life Without Limitation

Flavia Vincenzi – Mindfulness Coach and Graphics Designer

I admire many things about you, but at the top there are your playfulness, your ability to sense people, and your way of “thinking out of the box”.

I can count on your honesty, I know and I can trust you will tell me everything you feel, even if it means to be mean; this is an important point and this is special about you because it is CRYSTAL CLEAR that if you do, your only purpose is helping me (I know people who say mean things and it is as crystal clear that they just want to hurt you).

You deeply understand and sense people. I don’t know how you do it but it seems like you are able to open people like a book, read through and understand (and see) the core, even if they didn’t tell you everything. You connect the dots even if some are missing. 

You are better at listening and understanding; but you are also the best at finding out the core questions to ask (which in turn lead to core solutions).

I feel particularly tied to you so I appreciate you for ALL that you are. I feel happy when I can talk with you because these tuesday (or so) talks make my day. You give me all that I miss, it’s as if you filled an almost empty glass with exactly what’s missing so that other people can enjoy the fullness of me. I love the way you talk to me and the energy you put in it makes me laugh and be happy and enthusiast about my projects. Sometimes I find myself doubting about what I’m doing, but then I think “if Ameeta believes in me, it must be a good thing, not that bad…” and this is the effect of your presence that lasts throughout the week. You were born to do this. I cannot say I wouldn’t have done anything without you because it wouldn’t be true; but I can say that I wouldn’t have the same strong, energetic and firm belief in my project, had I not come across you and start this coaching with you. You are a gift for me and you are gifted. I like your laughter, I like your playfulness, I love everything you told me about how you taught in school because it’s exactly what I have ever dreamt of for my school project, but beyond school, I can tell you that your playful, humble and honest way to coach is what makes you so special.