Clear Thinking Coach A Life Without Limitation

Parul Saxena- Materials R&D

The 3 dominant saboteurs I had were hyper vigilant, judge, stickler . I was stressed out quite a lot of the time because I wanted things just so and when others wouldn’t do that it would frustrate me. I also always honed in on the worst possible outcome in various situations and put me in an unhappy mood. I was always on edge.

Working with Ameeta, helped me focus on one small issue at a time and look at it deeply. She could see different things in it, a positive side, a strength, or a silver lining. That helped me to start to look at things and situations differently. I wasn’t so quick to judge myself and others .

I did do pq reps regularly  and started feeling more calm in situations where earlier I would get annoyed in the same situation. I feel more rested and less stressed because now I’m not expending so much energy getting upset.

Ameeta and I worked together for 6 weeks and I started feeling the change half way through,  I would bring up the smallest of instances where I was getting stressed but Ameeta didn’t brush them away as insignificant but just broke it down to find a positive in it and how to handle a similar situation better.

Ameeta is empathetic and easy to open up to and her advice is very doable, practical and tailored to what I needed.