Clear Thinking Coach A Life Without Limitation

Vardankur Sinha

I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling of I’m where I should be.

Thank you Ameeta for her wonderful guidance throughout, from the day she started working on me.

I am a sensitive guy & I think a lot about myself and the people near me. Know that feeling when you stuck with a thought which makes you upset and it’s hard to overcome sometimes?

Well not anymore, Ameeta knows how to make you light minded, smile and keep an approach towards your practical and actual life, stop assuming and start working.

I have found a new way for my work – life balance that is an amazing thing and I would not have been able to do it without Ameeta.

I also feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way – it is overwhelming.I cannot thank Ameeta enough for the wonderful insight, so beautifully worded and the support and encouragement and belief in me!