I started working with Ameeta 9 months ago. At that time I was completely home bound with severe anxiety and depression. We started our sessions slowly and methodically at the beginning. Ameeta always allowed me to go at my pace. For me the sessions were about beating my anxiety and getting back to my normal […]


I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling of I’m where I should be. Thank you Ameeta for her wonderful guidance throughout, from the day she started working on me. I am a sensitive guy & I think a lot about myself and the people near me. Know that feeling […]

Vardankur Sinha

I admire many things about you, but at the top there are your playfulness, your ability to sense people, and your way of “thinking out of the box”. I can count on your honesty, I know and I can trust you will tell me everything you feel, even if it means to be mean; this […]

Flavia Vincenzi – Mindfulness Coach and Graphics Designer

Amy is an engaging, vivacious person who has a positive impact upon all with whom she interacts. She is an inspirational character who, through her optimistic nature, is able to find solutions to issues which, initially, appear to be clouded with difficulties. Through a sensitive but quite direct approach she also helps others, particularly on […]

Chris Jones

I’ve suffered from Psoriasis for over 10 years, and have tried over the years to tackle it with different creams and ointments. Experts say it’s caused by an issue with the body’s autoimmune system, but there’s no cure. That’s not great to hear as a sufferer, but in my usual dogged way, I’ve tried different […]

Angus – Managing Director

The 3 dominant saboteurs I had were hyper vigilant, judge, stickler . I was stressed out quite a lot of the time because I wanted things just so and when others wouldn’t do that it would frustrate me. I also always honed in on the worst possible outcome in various situations and put me in […]

Parul Saxena- Materials R&D

Prior to my Positive Intelligence learning journey I frequently felt stressed and hijacked by my emotions. This had gone on for most of my adult life. Feelings included unhappiness, frustration, fear and anger. I tend to reign in my emotions around others and find it hard to explain how I’m feeling clearly. I often felt […]

Michele – Business Manager and Teacher
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