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You deeply understand and sense people...

I don’t know how you do it, but it seems like you are able to open people like a book, read through and understand (and see) the core, even if they didn’t tell you everything. You connect the dots even if some are missing.

FLAVIA VINCENZI  //  Life and Mindfulness Coach

It was a mix of inspirational and supportive conversations...

 recognising your value, having passion and dedication to your goals;

  • general professional advice, 
  • examining use of language,
  • networking strategies, etc
  • specific actionable professional advice like “connect with this person they are well respected in their field and they are working on projects that align with your goals and your interests.”

We used an analytical and empathetic view of where I was and where I wanted to be, in order to build in that direction together. A clearly passionate and capable woman that I would love to work with again.

JAY TANNER  //  UN Economics Affaires Intern

It gave me the insight to consider the real root cause...

I’ve suffered from Psoriasis for over 10 years and have tried over the years to tackle it with different creams and ointments. Experts say it’s caused by an issue with the body’s autoimmune system, but there’s no cure. That’s not great to hear as a sufferer, but in my usual dogged way, I’ve tried different diets over the years, giving up various foods along the way, but the Psoriasis would always return.

Within 4 weeks of completing the programme I decided to have yet another go at it. However, this time I decided to go for what I believed to be the real root cause. I didn’t suffer from Psoriasis when I was 12, so I decided to revert to my dietary habits then (but not including chocolate and chewing gum!!). A part of this diet is a 12 hour daily fast, which I’ve fooled myself into thinking wasn’t important. So, taking the Positive Intelligence approach, I tackled this in a life-changing way, using the techniques I’d learnt on the programme to stay grounded and stay on-track. As I write this, it’s only been 10 days since I reverted to my 12 year old dietary habits, but my Psoriasis has virtually disappeared.

Why do I think that Ameeta coaching the Positive Intelligence programme helped me tackle my Psoriasis? Well, it gave me the insight to consider the real root cause, it gave me the tools to take action and it gave me the confidence to push through to get a result.

ARNGUS  //  Managing Director

Ameeta is empathetic and easy to open up to...

The 3 dominant saboteurs I had were hyper vigilant, judge, stickler. I was stressed out quite a lot of the time because I wanted things just so and when others wouldn’t do that it would frustrate me. I also always honed in on the worst possible outcome in various situations and put me in an unhappy mood. I was always on edge.

Working with Ameeta, helped me focus on one small issue at a time and look at it deeply. She could see different things in it, a positive side, a strength, or a silver lining. That helped me to start to look at things and situations differently. I wasn’t so quick to judge myself and others.

I did do PQ reps regularly and started feeling more calm in situations where earlier I would get annoyed in the same situation. I feel more rested and less stressed because now I’m not spending so much energy getting upset.

Ameeta and I worked together for 6 weeks, and I started feeling the change halfway through, I would bring up the smallest of instances where I was getting stressed, but Ameeta didn’t brush them away as insignificant but just broke it down to find a positive in it and how to handle a similar situation better.

Ameeta is empathetic and easy to open up to and her advice is very doable, practical and tailored to what I needed.

PARUL SAXENA  //  Materials R&D

Prior to my Positive Intelligence learning journey, I frequently felt stressed and hijacked by my emotions...

Prior to my Positive Intelligence learning journey, I frequently felt stressed and hijacked by my emotions. This had gone on for most of my adult life. Feelings included unhappiness, frustration, fear and anger. I tend to reign in my emotions around others and find it hard to explain how I’m feeling clearly. I often felt conflicted and experienced low self-esteem. These feelings restricted me in many ways. Sometimes a fear of failure kept me from taking on new challenges and on occasions I found myself agreeing to things just to please others. This left me feeling empty or sad or even angry and disappointed in others as well as myself.

Having taken the PQ assessment I wasn’t surprised to discover that my top saboteurs were Avoider, Pleaser and Hyper Achiever. I knew I had ambition and drive but couldn’t understand why I experienced all the conflicting emotions described above. Suddenly this all clicked into place. The Avoider and the Pleaser were demanding my attention and muddling the Hyper Achiever which was calling for recognition from others instead of letting me work towards my goals. No wonder I felt as if I was being pulled in direct directions and couldn’t focus!

Starting to recognise the saboteurs at work in my daily life was a powerful starting point and did much to ease the inner conflict. I was able to mentally take a step back, do some PQ reps to reflect, plot a different course of action and thus feeling calmer and more in control. The next step was to learn about the Sage mind. I found this very challenging initially but could  see the enormous potential of the Sage mind and now wish to develop my practice further.

I looked forward to our Pod sessions led by Ameeta each week. The programme and the Pod sessions really brought us closer together as a family and we chatted about the programme and how we were progressing individually on a daily basis. Ameeta was always on hand to answer questions and offer advice and clarification. The programme is quite intense, but Ameeta made sure that we all had fun along the way. She is a very warm, friendly and compassionate person, she’s also a great listener and always goes the extra mile for her clients. She is passionate about Positive Intelligence and her enthusiasm is infectious.

The benefits of the programme can be felt immediately. Recognising saboteurs is a very powerful tool in giving you an understanding of what is happening both to you and around you. This leads to you being able to recognise repeating patterns of behaviour and to a greater understanding of self. When I’m aware that one (or several!) of my saboteurs are attempting to hijack me, I know that I can take a very short break to do some PQ reps. I’ve found that doing PQ reps regularly throughout the day keeps me on track and I can tell when my PQ power bank is becoming drained. Sage mind techniques such as ‘find the ten percent’ and ‘yes.and’ are invaluable for developing curiosity, opening the mind to new possibilities and keeping the Judge at bay

MICHELE  //  Business Manager and Teacher

Ameeta is an engaging, vivacious person who has a positive impact upon all with whom she interacts...

She is an inspirational character who, through her optimistic nature, is able to find solutions to issues which, initially, appear to be clouded with difficulties. Through a sensitive but quite direct approach she also helps others, particularly on an individual basis, to resolve such problems.

Her ability to help me to relax, focus on and deal with topics and related difficulties and obstructions provided me with motivation and a desire to act on the outcomes of our meeting. Amy encouraged me to avoid making excuses for not really trying to achieve goals. Her impact on my self-esteem and state of mind was substantial.

Her optimism is certainly infectious. Through this, and a determined and persuasive approach, she has helped friends and colleagues to overcome self-doubt and achieve success.

CHRIS JONES  //  Retired Secondary School Head

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