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Ameeta Davis

Clear Thinking Coach

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Clear Thinking and Postive Intellegence Coach

I find connections between innovation, client’s relationships, and their passions.

I’m currently on a mission to activate curiosity and optimism in my clients so they can create opportunities for themselves in any circumstance just as I did.


Life and Mindfulness Coach

You deeply understand and sense people. I don’t know how you do it but it seems like you are able to open people like a book, read through and understand (and see) the core, even if they didn’t tell you everything. You connect the dots even if some are missing.

What You’ll Get During This Free Positive Intelligence 

Strategy Call

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Please take the free Positive Intelligence assessment below.  Please email me the results to and put assessment in the subject line.

What Happens During the Call

We will: -

  • reference the assessment you filled out before the call and discuss where your saboteurs appear at work, home and in relationships.
  • discuss simple methods of how to reduce the saboteurs' influence and impact.
  • discuss the outcomes you want and how my coaching practice can deliver these outcomes.

What Changes After the Call

If you decide to become my client, you will be enrolled on to the Positive Intelligence App and Program created by Shirzad Chamine. This forms a foundation on which my coaching enhances your mental agility, so we can co-create the future you want. 

About Ameeta Davis

I am a clear-thinking coach who finds connections between innovation, client’s relationships, and their passions. I am known for homing in on the brilliance hidden deep in any individual and for connecting the dots they didn’t see for themselves. I’m currently on a mission to activate curiosity and optimism in my clients so they can create opportunities for themselves in any circumstance just as I did. 

Why My Clients Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Jay Tanner

UN Economics Affairs Intern

It was a mix of inspirational and supportive conversations about recognising your value, having passion and dedication to your goals;

  • general professional advice, 
  • examining use of language,
  • networking strategies, etc
  • specific actionable professional advice like “connect with this person they are well respected in their field and they are working on projects that align with your goals and your interests.”

We used an analytical and empathetic view of where I was and where I wanted to be, in order to build in that direction together. A clearly passionate and capable woman that I would love to work with again.


Materials R&D 

Ameeta is empathetic and easy to open up to and her advice is very doable, practical and tailored to what I needed.


Managing Director

It gave me the insight to consider the real root cause, it gave me the tools to take action and it gave me the confidence to push through to get a result.


Business Manager and Teacher

The benefits of the programme can be felt immediately. Recognising saboteurs is a very powerful tool in giving you an understanding of what is happening both to you and around you.

Coaching services available.


Free Positive Intelligence Strategy Call

  • Positive Intelligence Assessment. 
  • Free 30 min Call to discuss the assessment.
  • Next steps discussion.
Individual Session

One off coaching session

  • Positive Intelligence Assessment.
  • One off Session.
  • One week available via WhatsApp or email.

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