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Ready to be an UNDEFEATED LOSER?

Ready  to be an UNDEFEATED  LOSER?

Often my clients balk when I say that. 

They calm down when I complete the sentence with “…and own your spirit and lose your inhibition”?

The sentence is an adaptation of my favourite lines that I’ve picked up  from reading and listening to Steve Chandler. “Owners of the Spirit are beautiful losers. They risk all.”

As soon as I heard it for the first time, I knew what he meant.

What does an UNDEFEATED LOSER look like?

Many great men and women entrepreneurs, sports professional, and transformation leaders are undefeated losers because they:

  • Have/had LOST ALL FEAR  and followed the truth of their spirit.

Look hard and you will find losers of such calibre amongst people you know.  Schoolmates, family members and movers and shakers at your workplace.

An example of an UNDEFEATED LOSER

My own grandfather was an undefeated loser. He gave up his ministerial seat when he didn’t agree with Prime minister Nehru who refused to change his policy.  

Nehru’s policy was that Punjabi should be the only official Indian language taught in Punjab.  My grandfather disagreed as there was a substantial number of people who did not speak Punjabi.

When Nehru did not budge my grandfather:

  • was happy to LOSE and RISK ALL.
  • He  lost the fear of losing his position and what it brought.
  • Knew he would be considered a big LOSER.
  • Had lost the knack of staying stum and toeing the line.
  • Lost all concern of what others around him at home, in his constituency and party would think of him. People said, “But you are a Congress Party minister you will lose your status, standing and so much more! People will see you as a BIG TIME LOSER! ” Perhaps they did.
  • Lost his seat.

He lost his seat but remained undefeated.

He stood as an independent and defeated  Nehru’s candidate in the elections. Years later  back in the Congress Party again alongside two others he advised Indira Gandhi and upheld his dream.

The dream of a Hindi speaking Haryana state.

Grandfather (one on left) with Nehru and Indira Gandhi

Like many of us my grandfather was impacted by the greats like Gandhi.

Yet like influential business leaders and innovators today he knew that.

“We All Have the Capability to Be A Loser of Inhibition and Rely on Our Spirit of I CAN”.

Where have you been a Loser?

Where have you been told you will be seen as a Loser, but you still went on or wish to go on?

  • IT could be that your colleagues and family feel that by changing your job or career you are losing your benefits, or your well-earned expertise and Kudos. Or that you are moving out of any ‘comfortable situation’ in a job and going it alone
  • You could be moving to a new country and that could mean you will lose family and close friends easy support.
  • You could be making choices that means you will lose family and close friends easy support.
  • It could be that you are ending a difficult relationship but were/are financially dependent

Luckily for most of us we can coach and train our minds to let go of our saboteurs and dependence on our own creations called personalities and circumstance.  

I help people who want clarity on what’s important to them, so they focus on be at ease and feel  peace,  fulfilled and impactful  in their work and life in general.  I do this by supporting my clients with mind training and looking at nine areas of their life, to find what is holding them  back from a reinvented life of peace, fulfilment, and impact.

If you own your spirit and often happily lose what does not serve you then type, ‘Losing to win’. OR if you would like some support or want to know more about any of the above send me an email  to or leave a message here and I will contact you.

Your greatest supporter of your I CAN spirit.

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