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I want to write but who am I to think I can be an author?

Who do you think you are to be an author or even write?  Let’s dial back and let me answer your question with another question.

What do you think a Writer/Author looks like?

Perhaps an anarchist, a feminist, a lecturer, a daydreamer? Or a person sitting in a hut close to a beach, on a mountain? (That one was mine)

Perhaps you imagined them like they are portrayed  in the movies. Poised in front of typewriters or computers with cigarette in mouth or a glass of whisky fingertips away and music playing. Or perhaps you picture them using, beautiful writing paper and quill pens or only yellow lined paper with pencils (Roald Dahl did that).

(sigh)  If only the above were true.

Alas,  authors and writers look like me and you.

At least in the daytime they don’t have  tails or multiple heads.

In the beginning of their writing career  an author probably has a 9-5 job or business or is a full-time parent or carer. In short,  the person you find in a queue ahead or behind you could be an author buying their daily essentials and looking and operating in the world just like you and me.

How to begin to write

The video below takes you through Anupama’s writing coaching journey with me.  Like many new writers she wanted to share her family stories but unique to her they were ghost stories. Yikes!

Watch the video of how she began her writing practice and how coaching supported and extended her at the same time.  It answers the question who am I to write with you are absolutely the person to write.

If you are intrigued and want to know more after watching the video, then go ahead and leave me a message or contact me on

P.S In the flow of conversation when I say “Never “or “This is the way to do it.” with Anupama I really mean this the way I do it. As a writer you find your own rhythm and even then, it varies.

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