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Get Curious and be Proactive About Your Blue Flame.

Don’t fight your present, get curious and be proactive about your blue flame in creating your new present.

What does that really mean to you? ?

For me? ?

As a coach I help people who are on a mission to reinvent themselves to match their passion, relationship, and contribution reach.

However, during this period I’ve experimented with bringing a small group of friends together on zoom who on the surface had different outlooks but under the surface shared a core value – their love of their vocation. At first a vocation and knowing only me was all they had in common.

Nearly a month later we are closer and while our relationships in this new format are still new. We are more definitely receptive and curious about each other’s passions and visions or as Keith Ferrazzi puts it, we are understanding each other’s ‘Blue Flames.’

Be Curious About YourBlue Flame

“The Blue Flame is what gives our lives meaning. It’s what we value most – our purpose, our passion, our calling. It’s the aspiration that lives deep inside us. When ignited within someone it makes them bounce out of bed to make a difference in the world.”

Leading with authority author #1 New York’s bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi
Don't fight your present, get curious and be proactive. Blue Flame
blue flame

All four of us in the zoom group know we want to do something together but before we can even think about it, we are investing our time in learning about each other’s blue flames and developing new and deep friendships.

We are:

  • Freely questioning and expanding each other to new possibilities
  • Being candid with our feedback and goals
  • Proving critique along with our creativity and innovation.

Be Proactive About Your Blue Flame.

Caring about each other’s blue flames is deepening our relationships are picking strength.

At the moment I am proactive in two such groups. Curiosity, empathy, gratitude, and giving freely is the basic scaffolding on which we hope to build something together.

If any of the above, makes sense to you and you are curious to know more about co- elevating across friends and colleagues to reinvent more than just your life.

Then please drop me a line here. for more information.

Your biggest supporter in your choice to be proactive and go for your blue frame.

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