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Reinvention of your life can mean enriching your relationships

Reinvention of your life can sometimes just mean enriching your relationships

Reinvention. Wanting to reinvent your life

Not that long ago one of my clients during our first powerful conversation laid out pretty quickly in ten minutes who she was and how she wanted to reinvent her life. She wanted a new career.

She spoke with candour – straight frank talking and explained  that although she had a successful career in investments, she had reached its ceiling for the number of years she had been there.  It was plain that she loved her profession but there was something holding her back.

Whilst discussing  work relationships she revealed that her investor clients’ relationships were strong and her recent feedback from her co-workers was as expected.

Candour on its own can sabotage relationships.

My client’s feedback from her co-workers was that although she was good at what she did they found her to be cold distant and intellectually arrogant. I asked her what she thought of the feedback, she said that if arrogance meant candid feedback then it’s true. “I tell them where they are going wrong.”

Over the next session our focus  moved to why her feedback was ignored.

Vulnerability and Generosity are essential components to making relationships.

While evaluating her relationships my client realised that she used candour and accountability with her investor clients. They accepted her opinion because she was generous with her time above what was expected. She understood their passions and interests  and what was important to them. She understood their vulnerabilities too. All in all, she knew how to create and maintain relationships.

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The beginnings of enriching her relationships and work life

My client has since been investing time and mentoring where necessary rather than telling  her colleagues the mistakes they make. She has taken an interest in them and became more vulnerable. Before coronavirus hit, she had generously invited her colleagues for a themed evening and drinks after work and even began to go to their events. Something she never willingly did before.

For my client, the reinvention was not a change of career but a reinvention of her relationships. She worked on her mindset by shifting from her usual candour to actually mixing it vulnerability, generosity, and accountability. She’s no longer working on her own, which was her choice, but working on bigger projects in a team.

Do you have any tips or examples to share on how to reinvent your relationships. If so please share them below.

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